Soil King Productions | Opportunities
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Soil King Productions Sponsorship Opportunities

Soil King Productions

A Northern California creative production company working across numerous platforms and categories.


We offer unique sponsorship opportunities to expose your brand to the audience that matters in the cannabis world, consumers and influencers!


Regardless of the scope or budget, we approach all projects the same way. Make it better than you ever imagined it could be!

A Day in the Life

A deep rooted inside look into the Soil King and his relationship with the heart of the cannabis culture industry. A journey to the land untold.

Soil King Showcase

Soil King is honored to help lift the brands of the best people and companies. We love helping them reach greater success by helping them penetrate the agriculture and cannabis industry and connect with distribution outlets. We beta test and perform research & development prior to standing behind a product to insure it is ready for Soil King approval and is right for our industry.

Special Events

Soil King and crew will come to your event and showcase it for the world to see. Help elevate your people and vendors, while lifting them up and letting the world know who your company is and the people you support.

Industry Insiders

Featuring some of the most established and influential characters that started, helped and have been political forces in the cannabis industry. From public figures to attorneys, insurance agents to police officers, council members and city officials to activists and those imprisoned on cannabis charges, we’re here to bring their stories to life.